Management Consultants!

New crisis at Tufty Towers!

Consultants are in and automating systems everywhere including the sumptuous staff restaurant facilities. However, a senior executive from Houston was overheard asking for coffee without cream. There was no button for that on the cash register (or till if you are English). ‘Can you have it without milk instead?’

Well we can’t have a problem like this and we had better call in the team from Encrapture to hold a Strategy Meeting so a project group can be set up to investigate a new process mapping exercise to ensure all restaurant systems are compliant and cross referenced to all client requests. We can’t have a restaurant operating with non-standard requests as portion control and lean ordering systems could be adversely impacted by curve ball ordering if this isn’t nipped in the bud. No what I mean?

Anyway we think the whole thing can be fixed and rolled out inside 3 months at less cost than a new point of sale system so why wait? Let’s pull together to pick the rocks off the pitch and ensure beverage requests can be fully accommodated.


Thank you team!